Our Story

Telemetry Box is an online platform that looks at what adult-related websites on the Internet today are the best in the business. We explore thousands of sites every year to source the latest and greatest in erotic entertainment. Our job is to show you where you should spend your time – and of course, we believe that porn should never be banned.

This site was founded by a 75-year-old guy that weighs 350 pounds. He lives in his folk’s basement and has a porn addiction. He started this site up because his mom said if he doesn’t start paying $60 weekly in rent, she’s going to stop buying him Doritos and Mountain Dew when she goes shopping.

Okay, so maybe that’s not really true. Who are we really? We’re just a bunch of guys that saw a gap in the market for a site like this: We’ve worked in the adult industry for many years and we figured we’d put our knowledge out there for people to utilize however they see fit and support us in our cause to make porn legal in all countries, and stop people from banning it.