Change your boring lifestyle with the right sex toys

Hand is undoubtedly your good friend in some periods of drought, but who of you is also eager for the selection that runs around in the bedside drawers of our ladies?  Are you the same, boring masturbation sorry and need some change? M would you like to try something new, such as prostate stimulation, feel more pleasure, have a harder stand or even train the stamina?

Then watch carefully because this article is only for you, my dear because today we talk about flesh light for men. What material is used in the flesh light? Flesh light can be pretty sexy – and not just for women. Men can also enjoy it. At least that’s what the sex shops TV advertisement wants to make us believe. Incidentally, this refers to the Fun Factory Cobra Libra, of which I’m a big fan. But is that really true? It’s actually competes with those leveraging men vibrators for women? What should a really good vibrator look like for men and what variants are available on the market?

The Men’s Vibrator – The Unknown Being

Some men get really creative here: There are apps that let the smart phone put itself on permanent vibration with that you spoil the sensitive glands.

But that is really much better!

On the one hand, I do not want to know which bacteria are frolicking on a smart phone and on the other hand I would feel really stupid. A real vibrator for men must therefore!

Why should only women have motorized fun?

Sure, most vibrators are roughly penis-shaped – but that’s not a natural law. Especially as the trend move away more and more from the phallic form. The particularly fast friction from the vibrations stimulates the clitoris and for even more pleasure it can usually be introduced. Well, for us men, that’s not so exciting right now – but technically every vibrator is a male sex toy somewhere.

You just have to want it; as so often in life.

For example, you can use the tip of a classic vibrator, such as a massage stick, to heat up before solo sex or stimulate the glands tip while the other hand does all the work. But of course it’s technically more mature – and hornier.

Masturbators for Men: The Nonplus ultra?

We know that sex toys for women are usually shaped like a penis. What about sex toys for men? Of course, they are mostly designed in the form of a pussy. Most of the masturbators and flesh lights come as “vaginal cavities”. The glands vibrator “Cobra Libre” is rather the exception.

Fleshlights usually do not work with vibrations, but with the generation of negative pressure or vacuum, which provides for the incomparable stimulation. It is quite similar with the feeling of a blowjob. You can usually adjust the strength of the vacuum yourself. By the way, you can even train your sexual stamina with the use of a Flesh light, which later your girlfriend / wife will benefit again an argument for a men’s boy.

Sometimes replicated silicone lips wrap around your cock. They reproduce the feeling during sex surprisingly well and some models now offer tingling additional fun with built-in vibration motors. Inside, the masturbators are usually equipped with super-soft silicone. Just a bit of lubrication and a lively imagination already can be wonderful imitate a blowjob. The devices spoil your best piece better than your five fingers ever could and all thanks to sensitive material, vibrations, vacuum, and much more. Nevertheless, the range of vibrators for men is far from as colorful and varied as the sex toys for you.

But do not worry: some start-ups have already adopted the equal rights of the man. One “Guybrator” after another is currently starting. And of course, they all promise the best orgasm ever. Numerous vibration programs, various rotation settings or the channel constriction at the press of a button make it possible, for example, with the Pulse II from Hot Octopus.

Sounds a bit like Sci-Fi, but feels very intense. The principle in virtually every man’s vibrator: man puts his best piece in the hole provided and then let the masturbator to slide over the penis. Some have an opening in the back, among other things to make the subsequent cleaning easier and regulate the negative pressure; others are a little more closed.

A current, very modern and promising development is e.g. the Flesh light Launch. An accessory in which you simply plug in the (one) flesh light and the device does the job completely automatically. Something like the Auto-blow, just with the flesh light that suits you.

There are mouth, vagina, anus openings and tens of imitations of the genitals of various porn stars. Further differences can be found in the inner life of the channel various knobs, grooves and waves. I think this development of the industry is great. Finally, more attention is paid to the satisfaction of the man. Women are still the No. 1 target group for sex toy manufacturers, but men are falling year by year.

And instead of 10 $- cheap silicone pussy replicas, there are more and more really high quality and functional sex toys for men because there is really a lot of demand and demand. Unfortunately, men rarely talk about it because they are often ashamed and afraid they are considered gay or otherwise. Sex toys for women are absolutely sociable and if you believe various statistics, at least every second woman has a vibrator in the bedside drawer. Unfortunately, sex toys are not yet socially accepted socially.

Because it’s hardly about male vibrators or prostate vibrators, it is very quiet and you can only guess what’s going on in the bedrooms. That’s a pity! Let me say: this is bullshit! Why should other rules prevail here than with women? There are no differences here so if you like sex toys for men, do not think too much, just get them and use them as much and as often as you want. Nobody will judge you!

Diversity for men: “Pocket Pussy”!

Nasty tongues claim that there are so few men-vibrators and sex toys for men because of us, because with us the matter is quite clear: Just a little massage the penis, cum shot, done. But if you’ve ever had a prostate orgasm, or you’re tired of tantra through the big draw, then you know that men also enjoy the variety. A vibrator for the man should ideally be able to image that.

As already mentioned, the sex toy market for women is developing strongly away from flesh-colored dildos and vibrators in penis form, as the Womanizer Pro (or the Satisfier, his remake) impressively demonstrate. Many women do not necessarily want an artificial penis replacement as a sex toy, which you can fully understand. Sometimes blame for this image change is the rapid breakthrough of online shops.