This Year’s Guide For Finding The Best Winter Shoe

A good pair of running shoes can make a world of difference in your running routine, quality shoes that are designed for running provide one’s foot with superb support and impact protection, making sure that the wearer can run for longer without having to worry about their feet getting sore. When it comes to buying a pair of running shoes for the winter, you need to find a pair of shoes that fit you so well that they feel like an extension of your body, they should also be able to provide your feet with extra traction that is much needed during the winter.

There are a lot of winter running shoes out there, but not all of them are going to make your running sessions more wholesome, here are some of the greatest shoes that you can buy this years, each of which is bound to enhance your running experience in one way or the other.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is one of those shoes that feels great to wear and to run in because of the fact that it provides superb foot support without weighing you down, their superb fit also enhances the amount of comfort they provide.

Nike Air Zoom Span 2

For long distance runners, the Nike Air Zoom Span 2’s exemplary breathability and super flexibility are what make them a great pair of shoes to have, the upper of the shoes is soft enough that it makes it feel like the shoes is not there at all while its bottom bends just enough to provide a balance of speed and endurance.

361 Degrees Spinject

People who have a hard time with their forefoot blistering are bound to love the 361 Degrees Spinject, a pair of running shoes that provides a great combination of superior foot support and comfort. The soft firm foot and hard heels of this shoe might not sit right with some people, but a large majority of wearers have found these shoes to be great once they get used to them.

361 Degrees Meraki

Not the best option for those looking for extra foot support, but other than that, these shoes are pretty much all-rounders that can be worn for almost any kind of run. Their build is designed to be stiffer than usual, however, the extra soft forefoot balances out the stiffness and also makes the shoe decently comfortable.

Brooks Levitate

As the name suggests, the Brooks Levitate are designed to add an extra bounce in the wearer’s stride, their rubber-foam hybrid soles do just that and are also quite durable, the only bad thing about this otherwise great shoe is the fact that it feels weightier than other shoes of its kind.

Skechers Go Run 5 Go Therm 360

For runners who will be running in low temperatures this year, the Skechers Go Run 5 Go Therm 360  are the perfect shoes to wear, their upper is designed to keep our feet warm, the firm lower portion of the foot provides decent cushioning, however, since their sole is pretty thin, they are not recommended for long runs.